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Pastor Kim visited the Council on Foreign Relations in April

Updated: Jul 7

Pastor Kim visited the Council on Foreign Relations in April with Sue Mi Terry and Soyeon Lee to raise awareness for North Korean human rights.

Pastor Kim spoke of a South Korean missionary who was arrested in Russia under the Espionage Act. He highlighted the severe punishment for helping defectors and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct rescue missions due to China’s and Russia’s cooperation with North Korea. 

Pastor Kim made an appeal to improve the human rights situation in North Korea through political influence in the international community.

Dr. Terry and Ms. Lee also offered invaluable insights into the challenges that North Koreans face. Since China does not recognize defectors as refugees, North Koreans face many dangers after escaping. Moreover, China has increased its efforts to arrest and repatriate defectors, who often face imprisonment, torture, and even death after being sent back to North Korea.

We need your prayers and support to rescue defectors, and to pressure the Chinese government to formally recognize defectors as refugees. This would allow defectors to safely seek freedom in South Korea, the US, or another country of their choice. 

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