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Bring Freedom to North Korean People

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Your interest can save lives.

Your donation will be directly used to bring freedom to North Korean People.


The people of North Korea are suffering in one of the darkest places in the world, but are forbidden from knowing the God who can work through our prayers. As a result, they do not know who to pray to. Who will pray for them? It's us.

Prayer lists for North Korea are delivered through Caleb Mission's YouTube channel, social media, and newsletters.


Pastor Seungeun Kim is organizing a U.S. church tour in 2024 with North Korean defectors to hold testimony, prayer meetings, and exalt God's name. If your church is interested in participating, please email us or subscribe our newsletter to find information.


Caleb Mission is seeking cooperative sponsorships to rescue around 200-300 North Korean defectors who have contacted them since the COVID outbreak. Due to China's anti-espionage law, the cost of rescuing has increased tenfold. Call or email Caleb Mission to support this valuable project.


Caleb Mission US Branch will host fundraising events in the US with Pastor Seungeun Kim and North Korean Defectors in 2024.


Interested in participating or helping?


Email us or subscribe to our newsletter for details.

Caleb Mission seeks collaboration for North Korean freedom.


Email us to contribute.


There are international laws that need to be changed to protect North Korean defectors, and political pressure is needed to deter countries that do not adhere to UN resolutions and violate human rights of North Koreans and North Korean defectors.


Please subscribe to the Caleb Mission newsletter and social media. 

Join us when collective action is needed.

Media around the world only reports news about nuclear missiles, just as the Kim Jong-un regime wants.


Therefore, the voices of the 26 million North Koreans who live in suffering are not being heard. It is absolutely essential for us to amplify the voices of suffering of North Korean people so that they can be heard by the world.

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Subscribing to Caleb Mission's social media, newsletter, and YouTube channels and sharing news about human rights in North Korea is the first step to finding freedom for North Korean people.

In addition, you can better understand the suffering of North Korean residents just by watching Beyond Utopia, which captures the complex and vast suffering of North Korean defectors and the ministry of Pastor Seungeun Kim of Caleb Mission, who saves lives according to God’s will, well within two hours. Please watch and share.

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