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Safely Rescue North Korean Defectors

Caleb Mission values ​​each soul, which is more precious than all the world, and organizes rescue missions, prioritizing the safety of North Korean defectors and missionaries. Therefore, depending on the situation, North Korean defectors can be rescued by land, sea, and/or air.


Rather than entrusting the rescue of North Korean defectors to brokers who only see North Korean defectors as sources of money, Caleb Mission is responsible for their safety through the entirety of the journey, with Pastor Seungeun Kim and other missionaries directly accompanying them through the rescue process through China, the jungle, and across the Mekong River.


North Korean defectors naturally believe and experience God, through the work of ministers who pray at every moment for a safe journey for true freedom. 

And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him,

who have been called according to his purpose.

-Romans 8:28

Support North Korean Defectors' Self-Reliance

Caleb Mission Safehouse in Southeast Asia

Caleb Mission strives to find physical and spiritual freedom for North Korean defectors.


Once North Korean defectors travel approximately 7,500 miles and safely arrive in a country in Southeast Asia, they can spend at least 21 days in a refugee camp there before going to
South Korea or any country of their choice. 


Caleb Mission provides time for North Korean defectors to rest and replenish their nutrition before entering the refugee camp.


Caleb Mission is dedicated to the restoration of the mental and physical health of North Korean defectors who are exhausted from their journey from North Korea.


Through this process, most North Korean defectors accept Jesus, are baptized, and take their first steps into a new life.

North Korean Defectors’ Community Center

Even when North Korean defectors settle in South Korea, they are often unable to adapt to a social system that is very different from North Korea’s. Many live with trauma from the suffering they experienced in North Korea and during the defection process.


In addition, due to defecting from North Korea, which was a choice to survive, many people experience loneliness and homesickness because they can never see the family they left behind in North Korea or visit them ever again.


Caleb Mission established a North Korean Defectors' Community Center in Cheonan, South Korea where people with the same wounds can come together, communicate, heal each other's pain, farm together, share food, and worship. During the pandemic, when it was impossible to rescue North Korean defectors, Caleb Mission established this community for North Korean defectors.


The community includes not only North Korean defectors but also South Koreans who are devoted to North Korean defector ministry, with the two groups constantly convening with each other. In addition, in preparation for Korean unification, we are raising North Korean defector ministers who will spread the gospel to North Korea, and among our ministers, there are those who are currently participating in the rescue mission of North Korean defectors out of a desire to return the grace they have received.

North Korean Defectors Scholarship

North Korean people are not properly educated to contribute to modern society. The North Korean regime promotes “free education,” but in reality, it is not free and rather than being educated, the children are indoctrinated with government propaganda, with students being punished if they do not bring firewood to heat the school. Additionally, because group labor is included in regular school programming, North Korean schools are instead used for child labor exploitation. 


North Koreans who search all day for food  often don't even send children to school.In addition, due to the class system that still exists in North Korea, children from low-class families cannot enter college even if they want to study.

Pastor Kim and Roh family kids in Beyond Utopia.jpg

Therefore, North Korean defectors who successfully escape from North Korea and settle in South Korea feel a hunger for knowledge.


In South Korea, where more than 70% of people are college graduates, it is difficult for North Korean defectors without higher education to find decent jobs and live a middle-class living in South Korea.


Caleb Mission operates a scholarship program for North Korean defectors.

We are currently only supporting a small number of people, but we would like to expand our scholarship reach with your support today.

Psychological Healing for North Korean Defectors

All North Koreans are forced to watch public executions from an early age. The sight of neighbors living in a village being shot dead in front of one's eyes is a trauma that will last a lifetime. 


However, for North Korean people, this is just one of many wounds. Remembering a family member who died because they had nothing to eat, feeling guilty about not being able to help someone even after seeing them dying…


These are just some of the numerous traumas North Korean defectors suffer, including guilt about the family they left behind in North Korea, and the experience of being sold into human trafficking in China after defecting from North Korea, being forced into marriage, being sold into prostitution, and being abused.


Caleb Mission is preparing a psychotherapy program that includes the gospel for the psychological treatment of North Korean defectors.

We also look forward to cooperation from professional organizations that will help with trauma treatment.

International Advocacy for North Korean People

The North Korean regime has been avoiding its human rights violations of its citizens because it strictly controls its image to the outside world.


Using an underground network, Caleb Mission began filming videos inside North Korea in 2013 and has shared them with domestic and international media to publicize the reality of human rights violations in North Korea. Vast amounts of internal North Korean data have been shared on Caleb Mission's YouTube channel and provided to the BBC, The Times, and other international and domestic broadcasters.


In addition, more than ten documentaries have been produced about Pastor Seungeun Kim's rescue process of
North Korean defectors to inform people of the reality of
North Korean defectors who, even after escaping from
North Korea, have to go through an arduous journey to freedom due to China and its affiliated communist countries' repatriation policy and human rights violations.


The documentary Beyond Utopia was released in 2023 which covers Caleb Mission’s mission to rescue
North Korean defectors. It has garnered international attention by winning multiple awards, most notably, the Oscar short-list for Best Documentary as well as the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It was screened not only at international film festivals but also at the U.S. State Department, CSIS, the Koreat Foundation, Asia Society, the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, the Ministry of Unification, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


It is playing a role in drawing international attention to the reality of North Korean defectors.


Pastor Kim participated as a speaker at events in Oslo,
New York, and Taipei at the “Oslo Freedom Forum,”

the most recognized international human rights conference

in 2023, to publicize the human rights situation in North Korea and urge united action from the international community.

Apply Political Pressure Uponthe DPRK and Chinese Regimes

In September 2023, Pastor Kim and Caleb Mission members participated in a protest against repatriation to North Korea in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., and in front of the White House, in order for the U.S. to join in putting pressure on the Chinese government.


In addition, through our ministry to North Korean street orphans, which we have focused on since 2013, we discovered that North Korean defector orphans cannot be adopted under international law, and we have made constant efforts to revise this law.


However, in 2017, Pastor Seungeun Kim and his wife were approved as foster parents for the orphaned sisters rescued through Caleb Mission by winning a lawsuit filed in the Family Court of Korea in 2017. The couple raised them with warm love until the children entered college.

Over the past several decades, the international community has taken hardline measures such as economic sanctions against

North Korea. South Korea has also taken a hardline policy and has embraced North Korea, depending on the party in government,

but the North Korean regime has not waivered and has succeeded in developing nuclear weapons, continuously threatening international peace.

Experts who study North Korea say that freedom in North Korea can only be achieved by the people. For that to happen, outside information must flow into North Korea and enlightened residents must rise up as a result.

How can we deliver outside information to people who are restricted from using the Internet, are blocked from accessing outside information, and have been brainwashed by their state?


NGO groups, including Caleb Mission, have used various methods, such as smuggling in flash drives, launching balloons, etc., in order to send outside information and the gospel to the people of North Korea. Additionally,the impact of the “Korean Wave” has spread to North Korea, and many Korean movies and music are being smuggled into North Korea through the Chinese border.

While the North Korean government does its best to launch missile provocations on the international stage, domestically, the regime focuses primarily on preventing defections.


Woo Young-bok (“Mama Roh”) who was rescued by Pastor Kim of Caleb Mission and featured in the documentary

Beyond Utopia, recently stated in an interview with the London Sunday Times that when she was in North Korea, she saw how advanced South Korea was through a video call through a broker with her younger brother who had defected first. At that time, she had realized

the lies she had been told by the North Korean regime. Since then, she had dreamed of defecting from North Korea.


The rescue of North Korean defectors ultimately will lead to the enlightenment of the people inside North Korea so that they can find

their own freedom. As a result, the nuclear regime that threatens the world can be eliminated and we all then can take one step closer to promoting world peace.

Promote World Peace Through Information

Sharing In and Out of  North Korea

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