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Caleb Mission Newsletter 💌 The Second Week of July

Hallelujah! I pray that the God of peace is with you. Caleb Mission has saved lives and spread the gospel by running to the areas where God sent us to help North Korean defectors and the world. However, this work faces challenges due to ongoing human rights abuses against North Korean defectors in China and North Korea.

Last year, I raised awareness about Caleb Mission's work and the human rights situation in North Korea across Asia, Europe, and the United States. I also helped rescue 13 North Korean defectors despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The number of North Korean workers in Russia seeking rescue has increased. Those trying to escape to South Korea face extra challenges due to collaboration between Russian and North Korean regimes in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Additionally, there are reports of North Korean defectors being arrested and repatriated in China. Caleb Mission is committed to saving lives despite the difficulties and risks involved, acting with love for their souls.

I am currently at the Amur River with my team, exploring the terrain to rescue North Korean defectors. We've encountered challenges but remain committed to doing our best to save and rescue people.

Last week, we reported the rescue of North Korean defectors. We'll continue these operations with your support. Saving lives has become ten times harder, but following God's guidance, I'm ready to work ten times harder. Thank you for your prayers and dedication.

Please join us in prayer and intercede for the North Korean Defectors' Center in South Korea, which helps educate North Korean defectors settling in South Korea. We also ask for your prayers for Caleb Mission. Thank you, and may God be with you.

🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Heavenly Father, please grant us the resources and strength needed for our mission to help North Korean defectors and spread the gospel.

2. God, please hear the cries of North Korean defectors being arrested and repatriated. Let all Christians unite to save their lives and spread the gospel.

3. Father, please bring peace to the families of the Caleb Mission workers in the US, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea, and anoint them for their ministry. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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