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Caleb Mission Newsletter 💌 The First Week of July

Updated: 6 days ago

Hallelujah! I pray that the God of peace is with you. Caleb Mission has saved countless lives and spread the gospel through your prayers.

Last year, China enacted the Anti-Epionage Act, resulting in the detention of missionaries and intensified arrest and repatriation of North Korean defectors. As a result, requests to rescue North Korean defectors hiding in China are increasing.  

The consequences for North Korean defectors who meet a missionary or attempt to escape to South Korea have become so severe that more defectors are choosing to take their own lives using poison when they are caught. It's heartbreaking to see them attempting to escape with razors and poison.

Caleb Mission and all of you are dedicated to saving souls who are more precious than the world and spreading the gospel. The recent situation in China has been challenging. Nonetheless, Caleb Mission has successfully rescued North Korean defectors, and I am currently in the desert to find new, safe rescue routes.

We invite you to join us in saving precious lives. The cost of rescuing a North Korean defector has increased by over tenfold, with the arrests of defectors in China adding even more pressure. We will overcome this situation through prayer and save lives. We hope you will all join us.

In China, many North Korean defectors are living lives they don’t want. Terrible things happen through human trafficking, such as being sold into forced marriages. Witnessing mothers unable to escape with their children is heart-wrenching as the expense of rescuing North Korean defectors rises and security tightens.

Please pray and work with us to rescue North Korean defectors without separating families. Caleb Mission is dedicated to this cause and seeks your cooperation. Thank you.

🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Please have mercy on those in North Korea who are dying without knowing Jesus Christ. Grant us resources to spread the gospel and help them.

2. God, please guide us as we work on developing new escape routes for North Korean defectors.

3. God, please help the newly rescued North Korean defectors hear the gospel, accept Jesus, and become leaders in Your kingdom.

4. God, please anoint the families and ministries of Caleb Mission workers and help them to focus only on Jesus Christ. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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