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Beyond Utopia Screening at the Korean Community Center in VA, hosted by the Alliance for Korea United (Washington DC Chapter)

On April 21st, we screened Beyond Utopia at the Korean Community Center in VA, hosted by the Alliance for Korea United (Washington DC Chapter)!

Pastor Seungeun Kim and Dr. Sue Mi Terry engaged in discussions with passionate first-generation Korean Americans about promoting peace on the Korean peninsula. They also explored ways in which Americans can help improve the human rights of North Korean defectors and work towards liberating North Korean compatriots.

Among the audience that day was Ri Jong Ho, a defector and former official in Office 39, a North Korean party organization that seeks ways to maintain a foreign currency slush fund for the country's leaders. Ri Jong Ho praised Kim and the work of Caleb Mission, which has helped rescue and resettle North Korean defectors over the past 24 years.

Senator Tim Kaine, proponent of the Divided Families National Registry Act, presented Pastor Kim and Dr. Terry with Certificates of Special Recognition for their efforts to improve the lives of North Koreans.

Pastor Kim and Dr. Terry highlighted the importance of allowing outside information into North Korea. North Korean defectors in South Korea are a reliable source of information for their families in the North. Their role in enlightening the people inside North Korea is of utmost importance, along with Caleb Mission's work in rescuing defectors.

We urgently seek your prayers and support to deliver outside information and the gospel to the people of North Korea, who are deprived of their basic human rights because of the government’s strict information control.

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