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The Third Week of January 💌 Caleb Mission Newsletter from Pastor Seungeun Kim

Hallelujah! We pray that the God of peace be with you all. I am now in Southeast Asia to baptize recently rescued North Korean defector sisters at the Southeast Asia Center by God's grace. Above all, we give glory to God, who rescued the sisters through your prayers, preached the gospel, trained them, met Jesus Christ, and allowed them to be baptized.

We hope that when our sisters complete the remaining training and go to Korea, they will continue to walk with Jesus Christ and fellowship with you all. More than anything, I am so thankful that they desperately wanted to be baptized and made a vow to walk the path for the Lord.

We are grateful that the work of Caleb Mission is becoming more known through your support, giving us the strength to rescue more North Korean defectors. Thanks for your prayers. It began airing on the American public broadcaster PBS last week and has attracted much attention in the United States.

Additionally, Beyond Utopia will be released in South Korea on January 31st. Even before its release, we received positive responses. I will appear on KBS' morning show on the 23rd to promote the documentary Beyond Utopia and raise awareness about North Korean defectors. 

I'm glad that worldwide media are now interested in the stories of North Korean defectors being rescued by pastors and Christians spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope this will be an excellent opportunity to show the world that Christians can play the role of light and salt. Above all, I want to bring glory to God.

We are now preparing to rescue the next North Korean defectors who will enter our Southeast Asia Center. A considerable amount of money is required to rescue the North Korean defectors. Furthermore, finances are needed to provide food, drink, and Bible education to these defectors at the Southeast Asia Center. We humbly request your cooperation, even if it is just a little gesture of sincerity so that our North Korean defector sisters can recover both their physical and spiritual beings under the grace of God here. Thank you.

🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Heavenly Father, please unite North and South through the gospel to serve nations as one.

2. God, please expand Caleb Mission's ministry to train ministers for future gospel spreading in unified North Korea.

3. Lord, may you be glorified alone through Beyond Utopia, and may the good works of Christians become more known.

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