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The Second Week of April 2024 💌 Caleb Mission Newsletter from Pastor Seungeun Kim

Hallelujah! We pray that the God of peace be with you all. Recently rescued North Korean defectors are listening to the gospel and preparing to settle in South Korea at the Caleb Mission Southeast Asia Center with the help of your prayers and love. I will be visiting the United States this week with Beyond Utopia to promote the work of Caleb Mission. Please pray that God will be with us on this journey.

My first destination is Boston. I plan to deliver speeches at Harvard University and local churches. On April 16th, a "Beyond Utopia" screening at Tufts University will be held, and a Q&A session will follow. Everyone in the Boston area is invited to attend. Scan the QR code on YouTube for more information.

I'll attend a prayer meeting for unification in Atlanta, GA, on May 12th, Sunday evening. I'll be in Atlanta from May 10th, Friday. If your church or organization wants to connect with me during that time, please get in touch with us. 

As of now, the schedule for the Sunday service on May 19th in New York is free. If your church is interested in North Korean missions and would like us to join, please get in touch with us. Thank you.

Caleb Mission visits the U.S. to find a way to save more lives of North Korean defectors and spread the gospel. With your interest and prayers, we can save even more North Korean defectors. Please pray with us. Additionally, please pray for God's grace to be with the North Korean defectors' community and the church while I am away. Thank you.

🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Heavenly Father, please guide Caleb Mission's US visit journey, which can be used to save lives and spread the gospel.


 2. Lord, we pray that you will open the way so that many North Korean defectors requesting rescue in China can be rescued quickly and safely.


 3. We pray that God will protect everyone participating in this US tour and that only God's glory will be revealed through it. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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