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The Fourth Week of June 💌 Caleb Mission Newsletter from Pastor Seungeun Kim

Hallelujah! I pray that the God of peace is with you. The weather is getting hotter, so please take care of your health.

Beyond Utopia is currently airing on PBS in the United States and has surpassed 1 million views. I am incredibly thankful for this. As you pray, I hope that Beyond Utopia will help raise awareness for North Korean human rights issues and that more than 2 to 3 million people will see it. Beyond Utopia is also available on Apple TV, Hulu, and Amazon in the U.S., so we ask for your support in sharing it with others and spreading awareness about North Korean missions.

Caleb Mission is gaining support from around the world to assist North Korean defectors. We are currently in the process of rescuing North Korean defectors, many of whom are women. These women often endure severe hardships, such as being sold into forced marriages and being compelled to have children.

Currently, it is challenging to rescue North Korean defectors due to China's intensified crackdown on them. Young children add greater risks when being rescued. Due to the facility conditions, there are many difficulties for young children staying at the Southeast Asia Center, where Bible study is conducted. Caleb Mission needs your prayers to rescue North Korean defectors and their children.

A North Korean defector woman sent us a message in tears. She said, "I can leave the husband who abused me, but I can't leave my children. Please rescue my children with me."

Please join us in rescuing more North Korean defectors in China and spreading the gospel.

We pray that everything will proceed smoothly at the Southeast Asia Center, which spreads the gospel to North Korean defectors. Please pray that the North Korean Defectors' Center in South Korea can continue to work towards building leaders for North Korean ministry.

The rescue of North Korean defectors has now begun! We really need all your prayers. Thank you.

🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Heavenly Father, please use Beyond Utopia to raise awareness of the suffering of North Korean defectors worldwide. Raise up people to pray for them, save their lives, and help spread the gospel.

2. God, please grant grace to North Korean defector sisters so their children born through forced marriage in China can be safely rescued.

3. Lord, please bless the workers of Caleb Mission and grant them the grace to rescue the North Korean defectors currently escaping safely. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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