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Korean American Churches in the DMV area in April 🙏🏼💒

Updated: Jul 7

We have so much respect for those who live as exemplary Korean American citizens, working sincerely and praying for the US and their home country. It was moving to visit these compatriots at their home churches in the United States!

Many North Korean defectors living in South Korea and the United States left their hometowns to escape hunger and persecution by the regime. However, unlike their fellow Koreans in the United States, they are unable to visit their hometowns freely, and their families are forcibly separated by the state. As a result, they often do not know the fate of the family members they’ve left behind in the North. While they enjoy freedom and delicious food in their new homes, they also struggle with guilt, knowing that their families are starving and suffering back in their hometowns.

Please pray for the emotional healing of North Korean defectors who have resettled in South Korea and the US. Pray for the unification of North and South Korea through the gospel and for the day to come soon when they can freely reunite with their loved ones. 

Caleb Mission rescues North Korean defectors, shares the gospel with them, and helps them settle in South Korea. We are also preparing a program that will provide defectors with spiritual and professional counseling, to aid in their emotional healing. 

Please join us in prayer and support our work. Thank you!

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